The estate

The estate is mainly made of a tree-filled garden where one wanders in peace and quiet, under the shade of the oak trees or next to the cool old stones when it is too warm outside. Yet, the distinction between the inside and the outside fades as the sun enlightens both places, thanks to the sliding glass doors.

Villa Foata is a four-bedroom villa with large open spaces, a 646 sq. ft. living room with a fireplace, a TV room, and WiFi, in a sober and modern architecture.

The Casale Suite is a 484 square feet independent sheepfold. Its welcoming master's bedroom and living room have a view on a shady outdoor terrace.
In total, the capacity of accommodation for both houses is 11 people.

he estate has a swimming pool (49-ft x 11-ft) surrounded by a an outfitted wooden terrace, and a pétanque strip.
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